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MSXML 4.0 SP2 now available!

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Microsoft XML Core Services

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PRB: Creation of Active User O

Site Server Membership.UserObj
PRB: MSXML Performance Bottlen

When you use the MSXML parser
PRB: Error Message When an XML

When you attempt to use versio
PRB: Persisting XML Directly i

With Microsoft Data Access Com
BUG: URL Property on XMLHTTPRe

When you use the XMLHTTPReques
BUG: "WinHTTP5.dll Could Not B

When you install Microsoft XML

Internet Explorer Quits When Y

When you visit a Web page that
XSL ISAPI Contains Non-Secure

When certain error conditions
DBCS Data That You Submit to a

When you post double byte char
Data Is Not Posted Correctly b

If you use XMLHTTP to send mul
BUG: Visual Studio .NET IDE Do

If you have created a COM+ pac
Msxml3.msm Has Incompatible Sc

When you use the MSXML 3.0 mer

Procedure to Programmatically

This behavior occurs because S
PRB: Cannot Use MSXML 3.0 Func

After you apply the MSXML 4.0
XMLHTTP Control in MSXML 3.0 C

An information-disclosure vuln
XMLHTTP Control in MSXML 2.0 C

An information-disclosure vuln
PRB: MSXML 3.0 Service Packs A

If you uninstall any Microsoft
PRB: XSL Transformations May P

XSL Transformations (XSLT) may

BUG: MSXML 3.0 Causes a Proble

When you open a segment to vie
PRB: MSXML 4.0: Error Message

When you load an XML Schema de
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