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PRB: Compiler Errors When You Use #import with XML

When you use the #import feature of Visual C++ with the Msxml.dll, Msxml2.dll, or Msxml3.dll file, you may receive the following compiler error messages: error C2872: 'DOMDocument' : ambiguous symbol -or- warning C4099: 'DOMDocument' : type name first seen using 'class' now seen using 'struct' error C2011: 'IXMLDOMImplementation' : 'struct' type redefinition You may see many other C4099 and C2011 errors in the output as well.
PRB: Loading Large XML Files into the XML DOM Drains System Resources

System resources can be drained when a large XML file is loaded into the XML Document Object Model (DOM). This behavior is noticeable when a large XML file is opened in Internet Explorer or loaded into the XML DOM programmatically by code. Cause: The XML parser must parse the file sequentially into the DOM, and this can be time and resource intensive for large XML files. This is an inherent attribute of any XML parser because XML is always plain text, and the text must be parsed one character at a time.
PRB: Persisting XML Directly into DOM Causes Run-Time Error '438'

With Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) version 2.1 and later, the ADO Recordset object supports the feature to persist an ADO recordset in XML format to a file on the disk by using the Save method of the ADO Recordset object. This data can then be loaded into the Microsoft XML Document Object Model (DOM) from the persisted file. MDAC 2.5 has a feature that saves the ADO recordset directly into the DOM without having to save the data in XML format to a file on disk first. If you try to persist the ADO recordset as XML data directly into the DOM using MDAC 2.1, you receive the following error message: Run-time error '438' Object doesn't support this property or method
Internet Explorer Does Not Perform "Garbage Collection" Promptly

When you use the default download behavior to download and parse Extensible Markup Language (XML) data (using Digital Dashboard), the memory used by Internet Explorer may grow quickly. You can release this memory by clicking the Refresh button. However, if you leave Digital Dashboard running for many hours or days, the computer may slow down because of a memory shortage.
BUG: HTTP_Referer Is Empty If You Click Refresh, Back, or Forward Within an XML Document

If you click the Refresh, Back, or Forward button while viewing an XML document in Internet Explorer 5.01, the HTTP_Referer field is empty. This field is correctly updated for all other known file types (HTML, ASP, and so on), but is not updated for XML files. This problem occurs only when you click Refresh, Back, or Forward.
PRB: Do Not Use "xml" Keyword to Begin User-Defined Namespace Prefixes

If you use the "xml" keyword (in any combination of uppercase or lowercase letters) in user-defined namespace prefixes in an XML document, the Microsoft XML (MSXML) parser generates the following error message:
The namespace prefix is not allowed to start with the reserved string "xml."

BUG: Visual InterDev IntelliSense Does Not Show Methods and Properties for Microsoft.XMLDOM

When you use the Visual InterDev 6.0 Source Editor to edit Microsoft Visual Basic Script (VBScript) or JScript code, IntelliSense (Statement Completion) is not available for the Microsoft.XMLDOM object.

This problem is caused by a bug in Visual InterDev 6.0 that makes the application unable to parse the location of the MSXML.dll file.
PRB: Recordset.Save Method Does Not Persist Filtered Data When You Use adFilterPendingRecords

If the Filter property of an ADODB.Recordset object is set to adFilterPendingRecords and the recordset's data is persisted to XML by using the Save method, the entire contents of the recordset are saved. However, you are expecting to only see the modified records persisted.
Print Preview of Large XML Document May Stop Responding

When you try to print preview a large Extensible Markup Language (XML) document (approximately 220 or more pages), Print Preview may stop responding (hang).
PRB: Error Occurs When You Open an ADO Recordset on an XML Stream

If you persist a Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) recordset into an external XML file, and you then load the XML file into an ADO Stream object and open another ADO recordset on the ADO Stream object, the following error messages occurs: Code = E_FAIL Source = Microsoft OLEDB Persistence Provider Description = Recordset cannot be created from the specified source. The source file or stream must contain Recordset data in XML or ADTG format.
PRB: Cannot Use XML Interfaces Remotely

When you try to pass an XML interface between execution contexts, such as from a Microsoft Transaction Server component back to its caller or over the network through the use of DCOM, you receive the following error message when you call one of the interface's methods: HRESULT = 0x800703E6: Invalid access to memory location.
HTML Filter Emits DocAuthor Property Instead of the Title

When you search for HTML-converted Microsoft Word documents, the summary shows the XML document properties.

Documents Linked to from an .xml File Are Not Available Offline

When you attempt to gain access to a Web page by clicking a link in an .xml document that was made available for offline browsing, you may receive the following error message: The Web page you requested is not available offline. To view this page, click Connect.
PRB: XML: LoadXML Incorrectly Stores Space-Only Field Values

When XML stores a field that contains only spaces (blanks), LoadXML incorrectly trims the spaces when it reads the data in, so that an empty string is returned. A supported fix that corrects this problem is now available from Microsoft.
PRB: Cannot Load XML Documents from Stream

When you use the Microsoft XML Document Object Model (MSXML) IStream interface to load an XML file from the stream, you receive an HRESULT from its Load() method of either 0xc00ce558 or 0xc00ce500. This problem occurs when you use use both the Load() method of IPersistStream or IPersistStreamInit, as well as when you use the Load() method of IXMLDomDocument and pass a VT_UNKNOWN pointer to your IStream.
PRB: loadXML Method Fails to Process DTD or Schema with Relative Path at the Server Side

When you use the loadXML method to load an XML string that references an external document type definition (DTD) or schema on the server side in an Active Server Pages (ASP) page, the following error message may appear:
"System error: -2146697210. Error processing resource 'xxx.DTD'"
PRB: OLE Error Code 0X00000001: Incorrect Function

Loading an Extensible Markup Language (XML) document with the Microsoft MSXML ActiveX object causes the following error message to appear: OLE error code 0X00000001: Incorrect function Cause: The XML document is formatted incorrectly.
PRB: XML DOMDocuments Created in Separate Processes Cannot Be Combined

If you create an XML document in one process, pass that XMLDOMDocument to another process (say, for example, an Microsoft Transaction Server component), and try to create a new XML DOMDocument using a node or element from the first XML document, you will receive this error message:
Run Time Error -2147024809 (80070057) The parameter is incorrect.

PRB: XML/XSL Render Tags as Empty-Element Tag When an Attribute Is Added with No Content

When you use XSL to add an attribute without any content between the start tag and the end tag, the Microsoft XML parser, MSXML, will render it as empty-element tag.
PRB: XML Parser Cannot Parse UTF-7 Documents

When attempting to load an XML file saved as UTF-7 (a transfer encoding format for Unicode), the XML parser in Internet Explorer generates the following error message: Invalid at the top level of the document. The same error also occurs when using the MSXML parser from server-side or client-side script.
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