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Question: I would like to know how to post XML data from Visual Basic COM code to the ASP page. The XML data may contain international characters.
Asked By: Reddy Hari
Viewed: 3738
Answer: MSXML provides a class named XMLHTTP that is well suited for HTTP data access from the client side (for server side use ServerXMLHTTP). XMLHTTP is based on WinInet and is available on all the Microsoft platforms. Here is a small example of posting XML data from Visual Basic client code to the ASP page:

ASP Page::

Set objDOM = Server.CreateObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument.4.0")
objDOM.async = false

If objDOM.load (Request) Then
	Response.ContentType = "text/xml" Response
	Response.ContentType = "text/html"
	Response.Write "Error: " & Err.Description & objDOM.parseError.reason
End If
The above server-side ASP code first creates the MSXML DOMDocument instance and loads the XML from the Request stream. If successful, sends the received XML back to the client (this is just an example), if it fails to load the document, sends the error description to the client.

Here is the Visual Basic client code that uses XMLHTTP to post XML to the above ASP page (remember to add reference to MSXML 4.0):


DataToSend ="<Data><Name>SomeName</Name><Type>FiancÚ</Type></Data>"

objXMLHTTP.Open "POST", "http://localhost/TestASP2/XMLPost.asp", False

objXMLHTTP.send DataToSend

MsgBox objXMLHTTP.responseXML.xml
MsgBox objXMLHTTP.responseText
The above Visual Basic 6.0 code lines first create the XMLHTTP40 instance and then call its Open method requesting a synchronous POST operation on the XMLPost.asp page. Next, it calls the XMLHTTP send method passing the XML string. This method actually send the HTTP request and waits for it to return. We can use the XMLHTTP Status and StatusText property to check for any HTTP errors and then use various response?????? properties (such as responseXML, responseText, etc.) to get the results returned.

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