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Document Object Model (DOM) & Simple API for XML (SAX)
  • What is DOM?
    Document Object Model (DOM), a programming interface specification being developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), lets a programmer create and modify HTML pages and XML document as full-fledged program object. The Document Object Model offers two levels of interface implementation: DOM Core, which supports XML and is the base for the next level, and DOM HTML, which extends the model to HTML documents.

    Official W3C DOM Specification is External linkhere.

  • What is SAX?
    SAX (Simple API for XML) like DOM (Document Object Model) gives access to the information stored in XML documents using any programming language (and a parser for that language). However, both of them take very different approaches to giving you access to your information: DOM creates a tree of nodes (based on the structure and information in your XML document) and you can access your information by interacting with this tree of nodes. DOM gives you access to the information stored in your XML document as a hierarchical object model. The textual information in your XML document gets turned into a bunch of tree nodes. With SAX, the parser tells the application what is in the document by notifying the application of a stream of parsing events. Application then processes those events to act on data. SAX is very useful when the document is large.

    Official SAX Specification is External linkhere.
We'll be adding new sections here soon. Till then enjoy the following articles.

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