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Mastering Visual Basic .NET
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Mastering Visual Basic .NET (Paperback)
by Evangelos Petroutsos (Author)
(27 customer reviews)                                                                                                                                                 

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Editorial Reviews
Book Description
VB Programmers: Get in Step with .NET

With the introduction of Visual Basic .NET, VB transcends its traditional second-class status to become a full-fledged citizen of the object-oriented programming, letting you access the full power of the Windows platform for the first time. Written bythe author of the best-selling Mastering Visual Basic 6 this all-new edition is the resource you need to make a successful transition to .NET. Comprising in-depth explanations, practical examples, and handy reference information, its coverage includes:

  • Mastering the new Windows Forms Designer and controls
  • Building dynamic forms
  • Using powerful Framework classes such as ArrayLists and HashTables
  • Persisting objects to disk files
  • Handling graphics and printing
  • Achieving robustness via structured exception handling and debugging
  • Developing your own classes and extending existing ones via inheritance
  • Building custom Windows controls
  • Building menus and list controls with custom-drawn items
  • Using ADO.NET to build disconnected, distributed applications
  • Using SQL queries and stored procedures with ADO.NET
  • Facilitating database programming with the visual database tools
  • Building web applications with ASP.NET and the rich web controls
  • Designing web applications to access databases
  • Using the DataGrid and DataList web controls
  • Building XML web services to use with Windows and web applications
  • Special topics like the Multiple Document Interface and powerful recursive programming techniques

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

From the Publisher
Mastering Visual Basic .NET is the update to the best-selling Mastering Visual Basic 6, by Evangelos Petroutsos. Because of the enormous changes introduced by .NET, Petroutsos has rewritten his book from the ground up. In contrast to some other large VB.NET books, Petroutsos is the only author of the Mastering. For the reader, the benefit is a unified author voice and continuity in the examples, which is not found in many other big books on VB. And the examples are not trivial. Instead of using simplistic examples to demonstrate isolated points, Petroutsos shows actual applications and ties them together.

The book goes into highly specific detail about topics given short shrift in other books. For example, Petroutsos goes beyond showing you how to populate an array; he also shows how to save the array to a disk file. In the printing chapter, he doesn’t just show how to print a few lines of text; he shows how to print a text file (including the logic to break long lines), and how to print tabular data and bitmaps.

Mastering Visual Basic .NET is the perfect book for upgraders from VB6 and includes special “VB6 to VB.NET” sidebars throughout, which highlights special points for upgraders. The book is suitable for beginners who have had some programming experience, but goes well beyond the basics, covering Windows Forms, Web Forms, and database programming with ADO.NET. Readers who want more in-depth coverage of database and Web programming can go on to Mastering Visual Basic .NET Database Programming (by Petroutsos and Asli Bilgin) and Mastering ASP.NET with VB.NET (by Russell Jones).

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Customer Reviews
27 Reviews
5 star: 59%  (16)
4 star: 7%  (2)
3 star: 18%  (5)
2 star: 3%  (1)
1 star: 11%  (3)
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
'ware: tread lightly., August 11, 2003
By Robert P. Beveridge "xterminal" (Cleveland, OH) - See all my reviews
Evangelos Petroutsos, Mastering Visual Basic.NET (Sybex, 2002)

It's hard to rate such a multiple-personality book as this one. Much of what is here is in error, or subject to interpretation, at the very least; something unforgivable in a programming book. And yet, when I need a quick reference or a refresher on how to do something basic, this is usually the first place I turn. So there IS some value to it, at least that's the way I see it, but I can't unhesitatingly recommend it for egregious editorial (one assumes) errors.

This is certainly a book for those (like me) who have almost no familiarity with Visual Basic. I'd done a little program modifying a few years ago for my company, and had worked with a much, much earlier version of VB (2.0, for those of you who remember the stone age) a ways back, but my development knowledge lies in other areas. Petroutsos' book, combined with my knowledge of C++ and SQL, got me up to speed exceptionally quickly, but non-programmers picking this up as their first programming book are likely going to be extremely frustrated finding errors they don't know how to debug in the published code. But for the programming veteran who's just a novice to Visual Basic, there is likely a lot to be learned from this book. Just watch your step. ** 1/2

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
A Must-Have for any VB.NET Programmer, November 8, 2002
By Jase T. Wolfe (Seattle, WA USA) - See all my reviews
No matter who you are, Visual Basic .NET is as new to you as it is to anyone else. Even those of us that have explored it since it was first released to the public for beta testing find new things in each release. This title, just like it's VB6 predecessor, is the perfect instructor to anyone wishing to learn VB.NET. The author presents the material on Visual Studio .NET, Visual Basic. NET and the .NET framework efficiently and informatively, giving the user something to take with them from each and every page. Regardless of your prior experience with VB6 or VB.NET (or even programming in general), this title will give you the understanding of programming within the .NET framework and the ability to immediately create in VB.NET. The book and accompanying CD-ROM is a must-have, valuable tool for the VB.NET programmer, and one that you will hold on to as a reference long after you have finished reading it.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
Not for beginners, not for experts., March 1, 2005
By Thomas B. Bolton (Auburndale, MA) - See all my reviews
I'm an intermediate programmer having worked sporadically in a variety of Object Oriented languages (Java, C++ etc.). I have to ramp up very quickly in order to do a VB.NET app, and bought this book for two reason. First: I wanted to gain a quick familiarity with the Visual Studio IDE, which I had never used before. I also needed a quick primer on the syntax and functionality of VB.NET.

On the first score--understanding the IDE--the book did a fine job of quickly getting me up and running with the basics. That was a few hours of work.

On the second score, I found this book to be alternately easy going and profoundly infuriating. Petroutsos' writing style is fluid and colloquial, essentially talking through many of the basics of the language. As a non-beginner, this served me well. I was able to read through chapters such as the overview of the VB language, quickly identifying areas which I understood from previous programming experience.

However, that easy-going writing style seems to lead to an absolutely unforgivable lack of attention to structure, rigor and detail. Despite much of the book being conceptually familiar, several areas were brand new to me. In the area concerning variable scope, Petroutsos introduces the idea of module level scope without defining a module or explaining what it is. Frustrated, I consulted the Contents and the Index but was unable to find any other place in the book where a module was discussed. Eventually, I pretty much got it through context in other chapters (and a background in OOP). I can't imagine how someone who wasn't already intimately familiar with OOP would fare trying to get through such a concept.

This book also doesn't do much hand-holding through the construction of the code samples, often leaving the reader on his/her own in assembling the code and figuring out what each line/routine does. Again, fine for an experienced programmer--not so fine for a beginner.

And this book is just rife with oversights such as these. This book is clearly targeted at relative beginners (if not absolute beginners) as it explains concepts which are familiar to all programmers (i.e. what is a variable?). And yet I can't imagine a beginner who wouldn't be very frustrated trying to figure out what the Petroutsos merely glosses over.

Finally, the editing of this book is horrible. While the prosaic style generally reads well, the author often re-states the same explanations several times within a chapter. It's clear that this is not for emphasis (since it doesn't read that way) but bad editing. A good editor will strip out such redundancy and help make a much more concise book.

Ultimately, this book served its purpose: a quick primer on a new software platform. I got what I needed out of it. However it was frustrating at times for the reasons I mentioned above. It doesn't succeed as a beginner's learning tool, nor can I imagine that it would succeed well as instructioin on advanced programming techniques.

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Most Recent Customer Reviews

Great Book - Poor Coding Style
The book is great once you know your way around. However, the coding style is very poor. It looks more like code for VB6ers who are too dumb or too lazy to switch to . Read more
Published 22 months ago by AngryCoder

Easy to understand. Great for beginners
Unlike so many programming books this one is relatively easy to understand. Even if you don't have any programming experience. Read more
Published on November 15, 2004 by Gigi

The good, the bad, and the beautiful
This is an excellent book for beginners or intermediate programmers.
Good points:
This book explains subjects that most other books on VB .Net ignore. Read more
Published on July 7, 2004 by Prof J. R. Allen

Excellent book. as an introduction to Visual Basic.Net
This is really an excellent book if you want a very good introduction to the basics of Visual Basic.Net. The book is good read, good examples, very comprehensive. Read more
Published on September 14, 2003 by Maamoun Khalil

Anything but "Mastering"
After reading this book, I still had to read two more to get real world applications developed.

This book could be usefull for an absolute beginner, but even if you had never... Read more

Published on July 29, 2003 by chessaprentice

Put this one back
I found this book to be riddled with errors both in the text and the programming examples. The exercises left out key information and required additional debugging and programming... Read more
Published on July 10, 2003

Keep this one handy
I bought the book, I'm glad I bought it, and it's more than paid for itself. It's geared toward beginners but there's a lot of material, A LOT, that will be of benefit to... Read more
Published on December 18, 2002 by William G Ryan

This is definatly a good beginners book for visual basic .net. You don't need to know anything about programming at all to get started. Read more
Published on October 11, 2002 by Brent Richards

A Cool book
I read and I can say: "The book is wonderful".
Translate it to portuguese! All brazilians developers are waiting for it!
Published on October 4, 2002 by Cleorbete Santos

The legend is Back
Well I am a seasoned VB family developer, I read his vb 6 version book, it was great and helped me a lot, then his vb6 database programming book was super, both contained... Read more
Published on October 3, 2002 by Nabeel Aziz

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