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home » software Sat, Feb 23, 2008
XML/Web Services Software Listing

Application to Application Pro
• XMetaL  (SoftQuad Software, Ltd.)
Enabling XML content applicati

• XML Authority  (TIBCO Software Inc.)
The comprehensive development

• Total-e-Server  (Bluestone Software, Inc.)
Provides a proven, flexible, s

More Application to Application Pro

Conversion Tools
• Highwire  (CORDA Technologies Inc.)
Conversion of HTML to PDF, usi

• Majix  (TetraSix)
Word to XML converter

• GoXML™ Transform  (XML Global Technologies)
Part of the GoXML™ Foundation

More Conversion Tools

Development Tools
• XML Spy  (Altova)
The first true Integrated Deve

• Xcripter  (Moisés Daniel)
A framework for database drive

• X-Fetch™ Suite  (Republica Corp)
A fast and easy-to-use toolkit

More Development Tools

Content Management
• Apache Cocoon  (The Apache Software Foundation)
A 100% pure Java publishing fr

• Content@XML  (Xyvision Enterprise Solutions,)
Harnesses the power and flexib

• eContent  (Jcorporate Ltd.)
Simple and affordable content

More Content Management

XML Parsers and Processors
• MSXML  (Microsoft Corporation)
High-performance XML parser wh

• Expat XML Parser  (Clark Cooper)
An XML parser library written

• Xerces  (Apache Software Foundation)
XML parsers in Java, C++ (with

More XML Parsers and Processors

XML Editors
• XML Spy  (Altova)
The first true Integrated Deve

• Visual XML  (Pierlou Inc.)
A tool that enables you to cre

• Syntext Serna  (Syntext, Inc.)
Portable True WYSIWYG XML Edit

More XML Editors

XSLT Editors
• eXcelon Stylus Studio  (eXcelon Corporation)
An integrated development envi

• Visual XSLT  (ActiveState)
Visual XSLT is the powerhouse

• IBM XSL Editor  (IBM AlphaWorks)
The IBM XSL Editor application

More XSLT Editors

XSLT Utilities
• XSLT Test Tool  (Joshua Allen)
XSLT test utility with user in

• MSXSL.EXE Command Line Transfo  (Microsoft Corp.)
Enables you to perform command

• XSLTracer  (Zvon)
Tool that visualizes the proce

More XSLT Utilities

XSLT Engines
• Oracle XSLT Processor  (Oracle Corp.)
XSLT Processor: transforms or

• FastXML  (Helena Kupková)
A prototype of high performanc

• MSXML  (Microsoft Corporation)
MSXML 3.0 featured complete im

More XSLT Engines

XPath Tools
• Visual XPath  (Nauman Leghari)
A graphical way of generating

• XPathTool  (Wui Cheong Enterprise Inc. (Kh)
This tool is meant as a learni

• XPath 1.0 (XSL Patterns)  (Aaron Skonnard)
Interactive Expression Builder

More XPath Tools

DTD/Schema Editors and Tools
• XML Spy  (Altova)
XML Spy supports both editing

• XML Authority V2.1  (TIBCO Software Inc.)
The premier solution for the c

• Turbo XML  (TIBCO Software Inc.)
A professional solution for de

More DTD/Schema Editors and Tools

Search Engines
• XML Query Engine  (Fatdog Software)
XML Query Engine (XQEngine for

• TEXTML Server  (IXIA, inc)
n XML database whose purpose i

• GoXML™ Search  (XML Global Technologies)
Part of the GoXML™ Foundation

More Search Engines

XML Browsers
• XML Viewer for Java  (IBM AlphaWorks)
A Java application that displa

• Microsoft Internet Explorer  (Microsoft Corp.)
Microsoft's web browser with c

• Netscape 6.01  (Netscape)
It supports HTML 4.0, XML, CSS

More XML Browsers

SOAP Toolkits
• SOAP::Lite  (Paul Kulchenko)
The Power Of Simplicity: SOAP:

• Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 2.0  (Microsoft Corporation)

More SOAP Toolkits

Native XML Databases
A native full-featured data ma

• XYZFind  (XYZFind Corporation)
XYZFind™ is a native XML datab

• eXist  (Wolfgang Meier)
An Open Source native XML data

More Native XML Databases

XML Web Services
• Confluent Web Services Managem  (Confluent Software, Inc.)
For the first time, decentrali

• SOAP::Lite for Perl  (Paul Kulchenko)
The Power Of Simplicity. A col

• Wisiba  (Itellix)
A platform independent, standa

More XML Web Services

XSL-FO Tools
• Formatting Objects Authoring (  (Fabio Giannetti (HP))
World's first XSL-FO Authoring

• FOP (Formatting Objects Proces  (The Apache Software Foundation)
The world's first print format

• XSL Formatter  (Antenna House, Inc.)
A professional formatting solu

More XSL-FO Tools

XML/Web Services Security
• XSign Software Development Kit  (Security Technology Competence)
The first C++ based software d

• XKMS using ASP.NET (Article)  (Microsoft Corporation)
This paper and its associated

• RSA BSAFE Secure-WS, SecurXML-  (RSA Security Inc.)
Securing SOAP Messages with WS

More XML/Web Services Security

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