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home » software » Content Management » Frontier Mon, Oct 22, 2007

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Product:  Frontier

A HTTP server, programming, database and XML environment used to build and publish big-content news-oriented sites that are easy to manage, for developers, writers and designers.
Category:  Content Management
Details:  Frontier is the solution to the problem every large site has, how to separate form from content. Frontier makes it easy to keep complicated HTML out of the way of writers, and gives you, the site manager, all the tools you need to manage the site. When a designer wants to change the template for the site, it just plugs in, you do nothing. What used to take a couple of weeks now happens in minutes. Really.

With Frontier, the hard things become easy. The people who write and design for your site will love you, your job will be easier, your site more competitive, and you can do more powerful things because the software does the tedious and repetitive work, so you can be creative and more productive.

Frontier's object-oriented website framework flows content through templates, with macros, link management and a direct connection to the workgroup web server, and provides membership, preferences, storage, discussion groups, virtual domains, subscriptions, XML-based syndication, a search engine, calendars, cookies, logging, file uploads, for communities with tens of thousands of members.

Frontier supports SOAP 1.1 and XML-RPC, COM and AppleScript. It has the deepest support for XML of any Web content management system
More Information:
Developer:  UserLand Software, Inc.
Environment:  Windows and Mac
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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