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home » software » Conversion Tools » X-Fetch Wrapper Mon, Oct 22, 2007
X-Fetch Wrapper

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Product:  X-Fetch Wrapper

Converts virtually any ASCII- or Unicode-data as well as binary data directly into XML or other XML-based language (such as WML, XHTML and ebXML).
Category:  Conversion Tools
Details:  X-Fetch Wrapper is extremely efficient data extraction and conversion tool. Any data stream can be converted into XML. The result can also be any other XML-based language, such as WML, XHTML or ebXML. Data formats in EDI- and SAP-systems to name a few can easily be converted into XML.

X-Fetch Wrapper consists of Data Extraction Language (DEL), DEL Editor and the X-Fetch Wrapper Engine. DEL scripts are run on the input data from DEL Editor or from command line. The Engine then performs the conversion to output XML by-producing relevant processing information as well. Republica had developed an easy-to-use, XML-based DEL-language (Data Extraction Language) for describing the data extraction and conversion processes carried out with X-Fetch Wrapper. Due to flexible and versatile DEL-language, X-Fetch Wrapper is able to produce high-quality XML-data and therefore there is no need to further process the data with e.g. XSLT.

X-Fetch Wrapper's DEL Editor helps defining and creating the rules needed in the conversion process. DEL Editor uses DEL-language, which defines from where and how to extract the information and what kind of an XML-structure needs to be formed. Republica also offered the DEL-language for the W3C use because we want to support open standards. Through W3C membership Republica aims to contribute the standardization of the data extraction from heterogeneous sources.

X-Fetch Wrapper Engine is the component that runs the XML conversion. DEL rules and input data are given to it, and an XML document results. It is built using generically compatible interfaces, which facilitates its integration with any Java-based solution. And even with systems other than Java: time spent customizing X-Fetch Wrapper to other platforms is minimal.

A one-megabyte output XML document, with tens of thousands of nodes, can be produced within 10 seconds. Most alternative XML-processing software take significantly longer.
More Information:
Developer:  Republica Corp
Purchase Info:  Commercial (evaluation version available)
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