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home » software » Conversion Tools » DB/XML Vision Mon, Oct 22, 2007
DB/XML Vision

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Product:  DB/XML Vision

A cost-effective, scaled-down version of DB/XML Transform for simple database to XML conversion projects.
Category:  Conversion Tools
Details:  DB/XML Vision is a cost-effective, scaled-down version of DB/XML Transform for simple database to XML conversion projects. The software automatically creates XML documents containing hierarchical data from any database for B2B applications, EDI, database integration and conversion. Its powerful Tree-Structured-Query tool offers the unique feature of query-in-and-structured-XML-out with no need to write any code to structure your result set. Click here for a functional comparison between DB/XML Vision and DB/XML Transform.

Key Features of DB/XML Vision
Allows customizable object mapping between your database objects and XML elements
DB/XML Vision utilizes your customized tags or element names for your XML documents. Define and save your own object mapping between your XML elements and database objects. Automatically structure the data from your database to XML documents based on your object mapping.

Automates complex query process using the unique Tree-Structured Query technology
Its extremely powerful Tree-Structured Query technology can retrieve complex data by simple mouse clicks. And, it executes these tree-structured queries in a simplified and efficient way.

Lets you learn about your entire database structure with a few clicks of the mouse
It provides database browsing and reporting tools that allow you to browse metadata, table contents, query results, and generate reports on your entire database structure and data in XML or HTML by simple mouse clicks.

Publishes and exports data from any database in XML, HTML, delimited and positional text formats with customizable transformation rules
Besides the powerful Tree-Structured Query tool, DB/XML Vision also has a standard query tool that allows you to execute any SQL commands and stored procedures, including testing stored procedures with OUT and INOUT parameters.

One tool for all databases and platforms
It can access any database through JDBC and ODBC, and supports multiple database schemas, multiple connections and multiple databases.

Fully supports XML standard
It fully supports W3C's standard XML 1.0 recommendations, and automatically generates valid DTD.
More Information:
Developer:  DataMirror Corporation
Environment:  Java
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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