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home » software » Conversion Tools » DB/XML Transform Mon, Oct 22, 2007
DB/XML Transform

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Product:  DB/XML Transform

Provides a powerful engine for bi-directional data transformation between XML, database and text formats.
Category:  Conversion Tools
Details:  DataMirror DB/XML Transform provides a powerful engine for bi-directional data transformation between XML, database and text formats. It has the unique ability to transform and flow data between an unprecedented range of formats including: database to XML, XML to database, database to text, text to database, text to XML, XML to text, database to database, XML to XML and text to text. With comprehensive data transformation capabilities and out-of-the-box flexibility, DB/XML Transform allows companies to effectively communicate information across their enterprise and beyond. The software’s powerful, bi-directional data transformation engine and unique ability to transform hierarchical data make it ideal for building corporate portals, e-Business and business-to-business applications, data exchange and database integration solutions.

Hierarchical Data Transformation
Transform hierarchical data between database and XML, database and database, and between XML and XML. Read and map databases to and from XML according to their hierarchical relationships.

Bi-directional, multi-database data transformation
Transform and flow data bi-directionally between database, XML and text formats in any combination to leverage all information across your enterprise. Transform data from database to XML, XML to database, database to text, text to database, text to XML, XML to text, database to database, XML to XML, and text to text. Through XML, data can be transformed from any format to any other format for powerful distributed data applications.

Tree-Structured Query Technology
Hierarchical data in XML, generated by DataMirror’s patented Tree-Structured Query Technology, is a database snapshot which allows for easy conversion/mapping from database to XML and vice versa. This provides the most advanced implementation for database updates using data from XML documents. Automatically generate valid XSD flies according to schema specifications.

Relationship hierarchy reconstruction
Maintain relationships of data by reconstructing the hierarchy and mirroring the relationships in the original database. Automatically format a flat query result into a hierarchical structure on-the-fly, allowing administrators to easily configure and map data transformations.

Streamed XML Transformation
Ensure high performance, scalability and maximum flexibility through the DM/XML Transform engine’s intelligent application of both SAX and DOM models globally or locally, wherever it is required to achieve desired results.

Customizable rules and data manipulation
Manipulate the data itself as well as data structure or format to generate unique key values required by the database; incrementally update databases, add extra fields required by the target, assign fixed or dynamic default values to fields, completely change data structures, apply formatting rules to data and much more.

Support for XPath expressions and functions
DB/XML Transform’s XML-based object-mapping model defines the data model for the target. The XPath expressions and functions are used to map the data source for cross-level object mapping as well as mixed mapping between element and attribute. Built-in XPath and complex expression mappings. DB/XML Transform also has built-in complementary functions to XPath and XSLT such as date formatting, string conversion and obtaining system date and time; and database-specific extensions for generating key values using the database’s stored procedures and sequences as well as Java objects.

Broad Support for Industry Standards
DB/XML Transform supports the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) XML Schema 1.0 as well as the BizTalk schema languages. Direct use of XML Schema and BizTalk schema files for mapping is now supported for both publisher and subscriber systems to ensure seamless business-to-business and application-to-application interoperability.

Open Architecture
DB/XML Transform’s open architecture enables users to plug in Java objects for complex processing requirements such as data validation and translation with lookup tables. In addition, DB/XML Transform's open Application Programming Interface (API) class libraries and documentation enable third-party applications to easily configure DB/XML Transform and execute operations. This enables users to seamlessly integrate DB/XML Transform with enterprise applications and leverage the product's powerful transformation engine.

Sun JAXP 1.1 Compatible
Full support and compatibility with Sun Java API for XML Parsing (JAXP) Version 1.1. JAXP support enables enterprise developers to easily add DB/XML Transform functionality to their Java-based e-Business, B2B, enterprise application integration and dynamic web publishing applications.

Visual object mapping interface
DB/XML Transform’s easy-to-use graphical object mapping designer interface defines object mapping between the publisher (source) and subscriber (target) either visually or through XML-based configurable objects. Set up mapping definitions through simple mouse clicks to automate tasks. Save and reload definitions with ease. In the transform project workspace, you can now easily re-arrange nodes in the target tree by moving a node up or down. XPath validation in the Expression Editor is now also improved.

Expression Editor
A powerful and intuitive Expression Editor enables users to maximize the use of XPath expressions and functions for cross-level object mapping as well as mixed mapping between element and attribute. Nesting function is also supported to allow users to build complex transformations.

Powerful Functions for Database Interaction
DB/XML Transform has added new built-in functions for stored procedure call and data translation through database lookup. These database related functions not only made database interaction easier but also significantly improved the performance of DB/XML Transform through efficient use of database connections. Also included is an API interface for interaction with database connection pool manager.

Configurations at System and Project Levels
User can now easily configure the system-wide settings as well as project-wide settings. The project level settings enable user to set optional controls for individual project, such as ignoring schema prefix for subscriber database (for schema independent deployment), transaction control (at message level or record level), disable streamed XML transformation to enforce XML document parsing using a DOM parser.

Parameterized Query Support for Database to XML Transformation
Once the mapping rules have been set up and tested, you can enter placeholders in query statements to allow API caller to supply parameters at the runtime.

Database Metadata Browser Enhancements
Many enhancements have been made into DB/XML Transform’s popular database metadata browser, including enhancements on user interface, metadata reporting as well as support for various vendor specific data types.
More Information:
Developer:  DataMirror Corporation
Environment:  Java
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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