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home » software » Conversion Tools » iCONNECTOR Mon, Oct 22, 2007

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Product:  iCONNECTOR

Get data from point A.. To point anywhere.
Category:  Conversion Tools
Details:  The iCONNECTOR family provides you with a simple and effective solution for moving data from one system to another. Specifically, it enables data to be moved bidirectionally between a variety of databases and XML documents. iCONNECTOR can extract data from XML documents into a user specified database, and also do the reverse, by extracting data in a database into XML documents.

iCONNECTOR requires input data (an XML document or a supported database) and a rule file for specifying the field mappings and other relationships between the database and the XML document. The rule file specifies the element or attribute values in the XML document as well as the destination fields and tables in the database. When extracting data from a database as an XML document, the data is selected using a SQL select statement, and the rule file specifies which applications or databases the data flows to.

iCONNECTOR includes iRuleGenerator, a graphical tool allowing you to easily define the field mappings between XML data and the corresponding database entries. The rule files generated by iRuleGenerator 2.0 are compliant with the XSLT recommendation from November 16, 1999. Rule files are used to bidirectionally transform data between an XML-based format, TDF (Transformation Driver Format), and user specified XML-formatted documents. Information about the XSLT recommendation can be found on the web here.

iCONNECTOR uses an intermediary processing format called Transformation Driver Format (TDF) when working with RDBMs and XML documents. The TDF format is 100%-compliant XML syntax and is the format that iCONNECTOR uses to read/write data.

Windows NT/2000 Service Support Windows
iCONNECTOR 2.0 products can be installed as Windows NT/2000 Services. iCONNECTOR 1.0 provided only executable versions of programs. The Windows NT/2000 Services run in an unattended fashion, and will automatically restart, if set to "automatic" in the Services Control Panel applet, when the Windows NT/2000 machine is restarted.

Programming Interfaces
iCONNECTOR provides Java/COM APIs that communicate with an iCONNECTOR service running on a Windows platform from Java/COM applications, and implement database handling capabilities through XML. To utilize the iCONNECTOR Java/COM APIs, the iCONNECTOR Windows NT/2000 Services must be running on a Windows system that you access from your client application.

iCONNECTOR for Lotus Notes/Domino
Database version supported:
Notes/Domino R4.6x, R5.x
iCONNECTOR for Microsoft Access
Database versions supported:
Access 97, 2000
iCONNECTOR for Microsoft SQL Server
Database versions supported:
SQL Server 7.0, SQL Server 2000
iCONNECTOR for Oracle
Database versions supported:
Oracle 7.x, 8.x, and 8i
Database versions supported:
IBM DB2 version 7.x
More Information:
Developer:  Infoteria Corporation
Environment:  Multi-platform
Purchase Info:  Commercial, Trial version available
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