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home » software » Conversion Tools » XML Translator Generator (XTransGen) Mon, Oct 22, 2007
XML Translator Generator (XTransGen)

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Product:  XML Translator Generator (XTransGen)

The XML Translator Generator automatically generates translators for translating XML documents based one DTD to XML documents based on another DTD.
Category:  Conversion Tools
Details:  XML Translator Generator (XTransGen) enables you to convert XML documents and data based on one DTD to another without writing XSL scripts or any program code. It can also be used to filter data from HTML documents into XML documents. This process works in two phases: (1)Setup: first a common example in the two DTDs is used to generate a translator once. (2)Use: this translator is then used to translate XML documents.

Generate a translator: To translate documents from one DTD to another, first the same example data needs to be represented in both the DTDs. A simple way to do this is to take an example XML document using one set of tags and manually edit to generate an XML document using another set of tags. Next, the mapping facility in XTransGen is to generate a translator. This translator generation needs to be done only once for a given pair of DTDs.

Translate: Each time one has a new XML document based on the first DTD, the translator generated in the previous step is used to translate it to an XML document based on the second DTD.
More Information:
Developer:  IBM Alphaworks
Environment:  Java
Purchase Info: 
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