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home » software » Conversion Tools » DB2XML Mon, Oct 22, 2007

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Product:  DB2XML

Transforming relational databases into XML documents
Category:  Conversion Tools
Details:  DB2XML is a tool for transforming data from relational databases into Extensible Markup Language (XML) documents. It is written in 100% pure Java.

DB2XML provides three main functions:
Transforming the results of database queries or complete databases into XML documents or into HTML documents using XSLT stylesheets.
Providing attributes describing characteristics of the data (i.e. meta data).
Easy integration of XSLT stylesheet processors

DB2XML can be used:
as a standalone tool (with GUI or command line),
as a servlet to dynamically generate XML-documents (see online demo).
using the DB2XML API

The generated XML is represented as a W3C DOM object or by DB2XML specific data structure. These objects can also be accessed as streams or as byte arrays.

DB2XML comes with an easy to use graphical user interface and accesses databases using JDBC drivers. It requires JDK 1.1.x and a database with a JDBC driver (or a ODBC driver using the JDBC-ODBC bridge). It has been tested with several different databases and drivers including Oracle, Microsoft Access and SQL-Server, InstantDB and MySQL.
More Information:
Developer:  Volker Turau
Environment:  Java
Purchase Info:  Free
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