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home » software » SOAP Toolkits » 4s4c Fri, Jul 13, 2007

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Product:  4s4c

Simon's SOAP Server Services For COM
Category:  SOAP Toolkits
Details:  4s4c aka Simon's SOAP Server Services For COM : a set of components for exposing COM objects as SOAP web services. This consists of a core SOAP dispatcher that is responsible for converting SOAP request messages into calls against COM objects, and converting the results of the call back into a SOAP reply. The dispatcher can be used to provide a SOAP engine for any transport, listeners for HTTP (using ASP) and SMTP (using the Windows 2000 SMTP service) are included. Designed for inter-op out of the box, it can accept SOAP requests from pocketSOAP, Microsoft's ROPE, Apache SOAP, SOAP::Lite, SOAP/Perl, Microsoft SOAP Toolkit v2.0 beta 1 and IdooXoap Java . Version 1.3.3 adds support for generating WSDL 1.1 and improved compliance with the specification.
More Information:
Developer:  Simon Fell
Purchase Info: 
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