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home » software » Search Engines » XDisect Fri, Jul 13, 2007

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Product:  XDisect

The pinnacle of next generation refined search technology, super high-speed XML Indexing and Searching
Category:  Search Engines
Details:  XDisect indexes and searches XML content. It enables diverse and evolving XML documents to be added to an existing index without changing the schema. Old data structures can coexist and work collaboratively with new and different structures. XDisect represents an ideal solution for your evolving XML content. It can also be used as a flexible legacy system cache or as a provisioning engine for your portal or market exchange.

XDisect Benefits
  • Build your product quicker and with more features.
  • Get your product to market faster.
  • Rapidly adapt your product.
  • Scale your product to meet Internet challenges.
  • Make your database and searching capabilities as dynamic as your business!
  • Provides you the flexibility to change with business conditions rather than reacting to them.
  • Gives you a competitive advantage by allowing your systems to evolve from incomplete requirements.
  • Helps you solve the hardest 10% of your problems in doing busines on the Internet.
  • Enables you to embrace a rapidly changing business environment.

XDisect Features
  • Accomodates new, evolving and diverse data without requiring traditional technology changes (database, middleware, front-end).
  • Allows context sensitive complex queries across variant data structures.
  • Allows searching across multiple base record types with a single query.
  • Supports the association of lightweight events with data attributes.
  • Provides a completely open XML/HTTP interface to all external systems.
  • Advanced query language allows sophisticated queries.
  • Supports cross-document relational merges.
  • Built to facilitate OEM integration into existing products.
More Information:
Developer:  PyBiz Software
Environment:  Microsoft Windows, Linux, Caldera, Solaris
Purchase Info:  Commercial, Evaluation version available
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