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home » software » DTD/Schema Editors and Tools » DTDChart Sun, Oct 21, 2007

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Product:  DTDChart

Draws tree structure charts for XML DTDs
Category:  DTD/Schema Editors and Tools
Details:  DTDChart draws tree structure charts for XML DTDs. It is intended for document analysts and DTD designers, and is based upon technology from the Apache XML Project. Version 2.1 allows DTDs with recursive element definitions, and fixes a number of bugs related to error detection. It removes the need to parse XML instances; DTDs can be shown with or without an accompanying document, but do require a DOCTYPE declaration within the DTD, or within a referring XML file.

DTDChart's features include:
  • Vertical or horizontal tree display
  • Multi-page charts
  • Dynamic expansion or collapse of individual element declarations
  • Dynamic display or hiding of attribute declarations
  • User selectable font and text size
  • User selectable XML root element (for drawing subsets of a DTD)
  • Copy chart images to clipboard for pasting into other documents, including MS Word
  • Save chart images to BMP file
  • Zooming (in and out)
  • Multi-page printing
  • Ability to find individual elements within the display
More Information:
Developer:  Intelligent Systems Research
Environment:  Microsoft Windows
Purchase Info:  Shareware (Trial version available)
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