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home » software » XSLT Utilities » Xweaver Sat, Oct 20, 2007

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Product:  Xweaver

An extension plug-in for Macromedia® Dreamweaver4®
Category:  XSLT Utilities
Details:  Xweaver1.0 is an extension plug-in for Macromedia® Dreamweaver4®, a web site development software. Xweaver provides web designers/developers the power of intuitive creating/editing of XSLT documents. Moreover, when Xweaver loads an XML document, it displays node tree, providing comfort of checking XML documents as a preview.

It is easier than editing HTML documents! Install Xweaver and you simply appreciate the whole difference!

Even the designer who does not have programming skills/experiences can easily handle XSLT by using Xweaver. As a result, the negotiation with programmers reduced, and the total production cost can be greatly reduced. When used and developed in conjunction with Sekaiju, our high-speed native XML database engine, web application development will be more simple and easy. We are planning to provide demonstrations and tutorials using Xweaver, to support web designers and developers.
More Information:
Developer:  Media Fusion USA, Inc.
Purchase Info:  Contact Vendor
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