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home » software » Content Management » Socrates XML Mon, Oct 22, 2007
Socrates XML

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Product:  Socrates XML

For organizations that need to manage or integrate data from multiple data sources. Socrates XML is an XML data manager that allows you to use XML while leveraging existing applications and data.
Category:  Content Management
Details:  Socrates XML is an XML data manager that allows you to use XML to leverage new and existing applications and data. Socrates XML is software for organizations that need to manage XML and/or integrate data from multiple data sources.

Socrates XML dynamically stores, retrieves and facilitates queries of web content and existing data.

Socrates XML boosts programmer productivity by simplifying data manipulation and data integration from multiple sources.

How does Socrates XML work?
Socrates XML stores and manipulates XML content as objects, either in its own data store, or in external relational databases. Socrates XML solutions provide real-time access to various data types and take full advantage of the flexibility inherent in XML (Extensible Markup Language). Socrates XML simplifies the creation of e-commerce data solutions, making it possible for users to retrieve and store data, and make on-the-fly queries of XML including web content and existing enterprise data.

How will Socrates XML help me?
Socrates XML was designed with application and web developers in mind. It uniquely delivers simplified data integration by eliminating complex joins and simplifying XML exchange. This will reduce your development effort, reduce the potential for 'bugs', and reduce your time-to-value.

What standard APIs does Socrates XML follow?
Socrates XML bases its query language on an extended SQL syntax that provides developers with the ability to query complex data through a number of industry-standard application program interfaces (APIs), including DOM, ODBC and JDBC.
More Information:
Developer:  Cincom Systems,Inc.
Environment:  Windows, Solaris, HP-US
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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