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home » software » Content Management » Xpedio Content Management System Mon, Oct 22, 2007
Xpedio Content Management System

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Product:  Xpedio Content Management System

Automatically supply business Web sites and other applications with consistent, managed content, and automatically publish fully linked Web sites
Category:  Content Management
Details:  The Xpedio Content Management System enables customers to rapidly deploy business Web sites, and to automate the content contribution, editing, and management processes for these sites. Business and Web content from enterprise sources -- including desktop applications, business applications, and templates -- is automatically converted to output formats such as XML, HTML, WML, cHTML, and PDF. Personalization and compatibility with corporate security models ensure that users access only the information they need. The Xpedio Content Management System is written in Java and has a modular architecture to allow for flexible and scalable implementations. An end-to-end Xpedio Web Content Management solution includes:
Xpedio Content Server
Xpedio Content Publisher

Xpedio Content Server lets your organization rapidly deploy content-centric Web applications and automatically supply e-business applications with consistent, managed content.

Xpedio Content Publisher gives you the power to automatically publish accurate, well-designed and fully linked Web sites without a team of Webmasters.
More Information:
Developer:  IntraNet Solutions, Inc.,
Environment:  Java
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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