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home » software » Content Management » SIM Web site content management Mon, Oct 22, 2007
SIM Web site content management

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Product:  SIM Web site content management

SIM is ideally suited to web site content management.
Category:  Content Management
Details:  SIM is ideally suited to web site content management, especially for web sites that have a need for;
Management of structured documents,
Large data volumes (up to millions of documents),
Web based workflow and release control, including the ability to preview changes and additions in place in the web site,
Tightly integrated searching and table of contents support,
Media asset management, where multimedia objects are Dublin Core metadata cataloged and managed as a collected resource for the site.
Dynamic presentation of documents which allows for customization based on user needs,
Hypertext link creation and multimedia object embedding that is implemented in a completely word-processing package independent manner, greatly reducing integration costs for new editing packages,
Hypertext link management that tracks all links, allowing change impact analysis and easy "what points at me?" checking,
A choice of editing packages and approaches including MS Word, XML editors, SGML editors, HTML fill-in form support, and Direct XML editing through a fill-in form (for administrators!)
More Information:
Developer:  RMIT MDS Group
Purchase Info: 
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