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home » software » Content Management » eXpressroom Mon, Oct 22, 2007

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Product:  eXpressroom

Category:  Content Management
Details:  Whether you have an Internet, intranet, or extranet site, eXpressroom enables you to establish and manage a sophisticated Web site that allows you to compete in today's competitive Web-based environments, while minimizing your total cost of ownership, maximizing control, and driving superb customer relationships.

eXpressroom enables all employees--regardless of technical knowledge--to collaborate and participate in the creation and management of your Web site. It has a set of graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that allow non-technical users to get up and running on eXpressroom quickly, and it lets people work the way they want to work, use the tools they want to use, and define the workflow processes they want to follow. What is the result? You maximize your control over your Web site and eliminate the Webmaster bottleneck.

eXpressroom is written in Java™ with an open, standards-based architecture so eXpressroom works with your existing investments in infrastructure, such as authoring tools, operating systems, databases, and application servers. Users are able to take any type of information, including content created in third-party authoring tools like QuarkXPress™ or Microsoft® Word, syndicated content, live news feeds, and legacy information, and easily manage and deliver that information to multiple sources including Web pages and wireless devices.

As a Java-based system storing its assets as XML-formatted documents, eXpressroom is a suite of applications that are cross-platform programs. System requirements for eXpressroom offer production support for the Java 2 platform for Java clients and servers, as well as support for various Microsoft Window, Linux®, and Solaris™ platforms, including installation kits. eXpressroom stores its assets as XML to take advantage of the many great characteristics of this extensible markup language, it is license-free, platform-independent, and well-supported. eXpressroom is as poised to deploy to current technology (such as HTML and WML), as it is to deploy to and embrace those of the future.
More Information:
Developer:  Starbase Corporation
Environment:  Java
Purchase Info:  Commercial
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