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home » TechNews: up-to-date news & latest articles around the Web Thu, Jan 17, 2008
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Learn to Write XAML Applications Today with Xamlon

You don't have to wait for Longhorn to explore the benefits of Avalon, the runtime engine that underpins its presentation tier. Xamlon, the most mature third-party implementation of Avalon, lets you build XAML-based applications right now.

SOAP's Alive: Try the New Native SOAP Extensions for PHP

With PHP5, Web services and everybody's favorite open source Web development language are now native pals.

Better, Faster XML Processing with VTD-XML

VTD-XML is a new open source XML processing API that provides a great alternative to SAX and DOM that doesn't force you to trade processing performance for usability. Find out why this Java-based, non-validating parser is faster than DOM and better than SAX.

SOAP Performance: Three W3C Proposed Recommendations

W3C is pleased to announce the advancement of three technical reports to Proposed Recommendations offering an optimal way to transfer binary data like images in Web services messages. Produced by the XML Protocol Working Group, SOAP Version 1.2 is a lightweight protocol for exchanging structured information in a decentralized, distributed environment such as the Web.

Requirements: Internationalization of Web Services

The Web Services Internationalization Task Force of the Internationalization Working Group has published Requirements for the Internationalization of Web Services as a Working Group Note. Developed to help achieve worldwide usability for Web services, the requirements address the way internationalization options are exposed in Web services definitions, descriptions, messages, and discovery mechanisms.

Working Draft: XForms 1.1

The XForms Working Group has released the First Public Working Draft of XForms 1.1. XForms is the new generation of Web forms. Addressing immediate needs for the forms community, version 1.1 has enhancements for the XForms 1.0 framework, embraces SOAP, makes XForms authoring easier, and facilitates XForms use in other host languages.

Introduction to XML Events

A number of markup technologies involve attaching behaviors to specific parts of a document. XML Events is a W3C Recommendation that allows declarative attachment of a behavior -- which can be a predefined bundle of actions defined in XML or a more general call to a scripting language -- to a specific element. This article gives an overview of how XML Events came about, what it's useful for, and how it works.

An Introduction to the Web Services Architecture and Its Specifications

This introduction to the Web services architecture describes the design principles underlying the architecture and foundational technologies for Web services. Features are described and linked to the specifications that formally define them. This paper also serves as a reference guide to all the specifications in the architecture.

Run ASMX Without IIS

When the Microsoft® .NET Framework first shipped, it introduced a breakthrough Web services framework known as ASMX. The motivation behind the ASMX design was to simplify the process of developing Web services as much as possible so that even if you're not an XML expert, you can get a Web service up and running. ASMX accomplished this by hiding most of the underlying XML and Web services details. Instead of forcing developers to deal directly with SOAP envelopes and Web Services Description Language (WSDL) files, ASMX introduced automatic mapping layers that bridge the gap with traditional .NET code.

Gates: "We're Delighted" - As Microsoft's Jean Paoli Wins Industry Plaudit

"Jean helped lead the movement to make XML a core component of many Microsoft products, such as Office and Windows, as well as the foundation for integration between systems with XML-based Web services," said Bill Gates, Microsoft chairman and chief software architect, yesterday as his senior director of XML architecture and one of the co-architects of the XML 1.0 standard, Jean Paoli, received the XML Cup 2004 for his contributions to information technology standards.

BNA Opts For Change Using XML

In order to work with various data in a unified way, publisher BNA has chosen Exegenix's conversion tool that makes data into XML, which can be handled as one language, despite the sources' variances.

Logical Move, New Partnership With Stylus Studio

Pioneering content management company, Mark Logic, has partnered with Stylus Studio, in an effort to make building XML content-centric applications easier for its customers.

StrikeIron Announces Beta Release of OnDemand Web Services for Excel: First drag and drop solution for integrating Web services directly into Microsoft Excel

StrikeIron™ Inc., developer of the innovative StrikeIron Web Services Business Network™ (WSBizNet™) to simplify working with Web services announced the beta release of StrikeIron OnDemand Web services for Microsoft Excel®. This product connects Excel users to the on-demand world of Web services and begins the process of bridging software to the model of software-as-service. In a separate release today, StrikeIron also announced the addition of five financial management Web services to the WSBizNet.

StrikeIron Expands WsBizNet with Five Financial Management Web Services: On-Demand access to the most up-to-date financial information for companies and the economy

StrikeIron™ Inc., developer of the innovative StrikeIron Web Services Business Network™ (WSBizNet™), to simplify working with Web services, today announced the availability of five additional Financial Management Web services to its expanding network of premium Web services. In a separate release today, StrikeIron also announced the beta release of its OnDemand Web Services for Excel. The five Web services are available on-demand as a “pay-per-use” subscription and include: StrikeIron Econometric Statistics, StrikeIron EDGAR, StrikeIron Historical Stock Quotes, StrikeIron Insider Trading, and StrikeIron Real-Time Stock Quotes Basic.

XyEnterprise Evolves XML Publishing and Content

The leading provider of XML-based content management and publishing solutions, XyEnterprise, has released updates to its core products, Content@, and XML Professional Publisher. The updates dramatically evolve XML capabilities.

Why WSDL 2 is so flawed

The WG has actually produced three documents: The WSDL core language; The set of pre-defined extensions that covers things like common message and fault exchange patterns; A set of bindings that describes the mapping to SOAP, HTTP, and so on.
To put it simply, these specifications are astoundingly bad. The comment period ended October 4, although looking at the comment list archive shows that comments were still being received, and processed, as recently as last week. According to W3C procedure, at this point the Director can send the documents back to the group, or he can allow them to move forward and ask for implementation information as the next step in becoming an official W3C Recommendation.

First day conference coverage of XML 2004

Kendall Grant Clark: This week I'm attending XML 2004 Conference and Exhibition, organized by IDEAlliance, at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, DC. Titled "XML: From Syntax to Solutions," North America's premiere XML conference is moving in the same direction as and XTech 2005. A broad industry consensus has formed around the idea that the era of core XML specification-making is over, but that a great deal of work remains to be done.

xfy Uses Java, Combines High-Performance Interactivity with Portability

Justsystem, based in Japan, is previewing a technology that many say has the potential to bring seismic change in the way XML is used. With xfy, different XML documents can be joined together and used, without interoperability issues.

Cape Clear Software Previews BPEL-Based Orchestration and Business Process Management for SOA and ESB

Cape Clear Software today announced the beta release of a new Business Process Management (BPM) product designed to simplify the design, deployment, and management of orchestrated business processes. Cape Clear Orchestrator, which will be included in the next release of Cape Clear's Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), offers a comprehensive Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) runtime, along with extensive graphical design and management capabilities.

Actional Corporation Announces the Initial Release of the Actional SOA Command and Control Platform

Actional Corporation, a leading provider of service-oriented architecture (SOA) enablement solutions, today announced the initial release of the Actional SOA Command and Control Platform (see related announcement, Actional Corporation and Westbridge Technology Merge, Oct. 18, 2004). The new release, which will be generally available later this week, marks the first integration milestone for the combined companies' technologies. The Actional SOA Command and Control Platform provides organizations with the broadest set of solutions for securing, deploying, monitoring and managing Web services and SOAs, all within a unified, yet open framework. Actional will demonstrate the solution today and tomorrow at the Gartner Application Integration and Web Services Summit in Orlando.

Last Call Working Draft of xml:id Version 1.0 released

The specification introduces a predefined attribute name that can always be treated as an ID and hence can always be recognized.

Use Cases: XML Binary Characterization

The XML Binary Characterization Working Group has released an updated Working Draft of XML Binary Characterization Use Cases. Presenting documented examples, the draft will help to decide if standardized and optimized serialization can be used to improve the generation, parsing, transmission and storage of XML-based data.

SMIL 2.0 Is a Proposed Edited Recommendation

The SYMM Working Group has released a Proposed Edited Recommendation for the Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL 2.0). This second edition is not a new version; its purpose is to correct errors in the SMIL 2.0 first edition as a convenience to readers. SMIL (pronounced "smile") puts animation on a time line, allows composition of multiple animations, and describes animation elements for any XML-based host language.

Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) 3.0 Service Pack 5 (SP5) released

The Microsoft® XML Parser (MSXML) 3.0 SP5 release offers a number of bug fixes and security fixes over the previous MSXML 3.0 SP releases. All MSXML 3.0 releases provide:
  • Server-safe HTTP access
  • Complete implementation of XSL Transformations (XSLT) and XML Path Language (XPath)
  • Changes to the Simple API for XML (SAX2) implementation, including new SAX2 helper classes with even higher conformance with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards and the OASIS Test Suite.

Last Call: Assigning Media Types to Binary Data in XML

The XML Protocol Working Group and the Web Services Description Working Group jointly released a Last Call Working Draft of Assigning Media Types to Binary Data in XML. The draft describes how to indicate the media type of XML element content and the way to specify that type in XML Schema.

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