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Beginning XSLT

Perl & XML

Visual Basic.NET XML Web Services Developer's Guide

The Book of VB .NET: .NET Insight for VB Developers

XML and Java™: Developing Web Applications (2nd Edition)

Books and Magazines

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ISBN Cover Image Title Publisher Price (US $) Authors Publish Date Hits Today Total Hits Buy
1861005946Beginning XSLT

Beginning XSLTWrox Press$27.99Jeni Tennison5/1/200212071701  Buy!  
059600205XPerl & XML (O

Perl & XML (O'Reilly Perl)O'Reilly & Associates$24.47Ray, Erik T4/1/200210601508  Buy!  
0596002246Web Services Essentials

Web Services EssentialsO'Reilly & Associates$20.97Cerami, Ethan2/1/20027961087  Buy!  
186100589XXML Application Development with MSXML 4.0

XML Application Development with MSXML 4.0Wrox Press$34.99Danny Ayers, Steven Livingstone, Stephen Mohr, Darshan Singh, Michael Corning2/1/2002807613003  Buy!  
0672323184Sams Teach Yourself XSLT in 21 Days

Sams Teach Yourself XSLT in 21 DaysSams Publishing$27.99Michiel van Otegem1/31/2002402535  Buy!  
1861004397Professional C# Web Services: Building .NET Web Services with ASP.NET and .NET Remoting

Professional C# Web Services: Building .NET Web Services with ASP.NET and .NET RemotingWrox Press$41.99Andrew Krowczyk, Zach Greenvoss, Christian Nagel, Ashish Banerjee, Thiru Thangarathinam, Aravind Corera, Chris Peiris, Brad Maiani1/1/2002441704  Buy!  
1861005318Professional XML for .NET Developers

Professional XML for .NET DevelopersWrox Press$34.99Dinar Dalvi, Darshan Singh, Kevin Williams, Andy Olsen, J. Michael Palermo IV, John Slater, Bipin Joshi, Joe Gray, Fredrik Normén, Francis Norton1/1/20028461260  Buy!  
0130655678Definitive XML Schema

Definitive XML SchemaPrentice Hall$31.49Priscilla Walmsley12/7/2001596814  Buy!  
0201700468The Guru

The Guru's Guide to SQL Server Stored Procedures, XML, and HTML (With CD-ROM)Addison Wesley Professional$34.99Ken Henderson, Ron Soukup12/1/200112441608  Buy!  
0672321319VB.NET Developer

VB.NET Developer's Guide to ASP.NET, XML and ADO.NETSams Publishing$41.99Jeffrey McManus, Chris Kinsman12/1/2001432679  Buy!  
0672321815Building Web Services with Java: Making Sense of XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI

Building Web Services with Java: Making Sense of XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDISams Publishing$34.99Steve Graham12/1/2001405539  Buy!  
1861005598Beginning XML

Beginning XMLWrox Press$27.99David Hunter11/1/200110341342  Buy!  
0672320886Microsoft.NET Web Services

Microsoft.NET Web ServicesSams Publishing$49.99Robert Tabor11/1/2001376725  Buy!  
1930110103XML Family of Specifications

XML Family of SpecificationsManning Publications Co.$27.96Danny Vint11/1/20017971194  Buy!  
0201740958Essential XML Quick Reference: A Programmer

Essential XML Quick Reference: A Programmer's Reference to XML, XPath, XSLT, XML Schema, SOAP, and MoreAddison Wesley Professional$17.49Skonnard, Aaron10/23/200112161483  Buy!  
0789726076Special Edition Using XML Schema

Special Edition Using XML SchemaQue$27.99Gulbransen, David10/22/2001422558  Buy!  
1893115585Architecting Web Services

Architecting Web ServicesAPress$34.97Oellermann Jr., William L.10/15/2001400523  Buy!  
0596001967Web Design in a Nutshell

Web Design in a NutshellO'Reilly & Associates$20.97Jennifer Niederst10/15/2001403524  Buy!  
1930110154XML Schema Elucidated

XML Schema ElucidatedManning Publications Co.$27.96Jeff Lowery10/1/2001418663  Buy!  
0672321114Applied SOAP: Implementing .NET Web Services

Applied SOAP: Implementing .NET Web ServicesSams Publishing$34.99Kenn Scribner, Mark Stiver9/1/2001561819  Buy!  

VoiceXMLManning Publications Co.$31.46Rick Parfitt9/1/2001477745  Buy!  
0735711399XML, HTML, XHTML, Magic

XML, HTML, XHTML, MagicNew Riders Publishing$27.99Molly Holzschlag9/1/2001575927  Buy!  
0764547593XML Weekend Crash Course (with CD-ROM)

XML Weekend Crash Course (with CD-ROM)Hungry Minds, Inc.$17.49Kay Ethier, Alan Houser9/1/2001591782  Buy!  
0764547763XSLT and XPath On The Edge, Unlimited Edition

XSLT and XPath On The Edge, Unlimited EditionHungry Minds, Inc.$27.99Tennison, Jeni9/1/2001517648  Buy!  
0672320932Sams Teach Yourself XML in 21 Days, 2/e

Sams Teach Yourself XML in 21 Days, 2/eSams Publishing$27.99Devan Shepherd9/1/2001446674  Buy!  
0596001436Java and XSLT (O

Java and XSLT (O'Reilly Java)O'Reilly & Associates$27.97Burke, Eric M.9/1/2001677925  Buy!  

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