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Web Service Endpoints Are Not Exposed If You Set SoapVRoot Property in a Managed ServicedComponent Class
KB: 312871
When you use the managed libraries to build a component in the EnterpriseServices namespace, you can use the SoapVRoot property to programmatically generate a virtual root. You can then use this virtual root to expose the serviced component though Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) remoting.

However, when you try to use the SoapVRoot property to programmatically generate a virtual root on a computer that is running Windows XP Professional, no endpoints are exposed for the component. This problem occurs because of a known bug in Windows XP Professional.
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Compile Error Message When You Add a Web Reference to .NET My Services Web Service in Managed C++ Application
KB: 311579
When you add a Web reference to a .NET My Services Web service in a Managed C++ application, you receive a compile error message similar to the following:

Creating Web service proxy file... Error: Unable to import binding 'myFavoriteWebSitesBinding' from namespace ''. - Unable to import operation 'insert'. - The element '' is missing. If you would like more help, please type "wsdl /?". error CS2001: Source file 'myFavoriteWebSites.cs' could not be found fatal error CS2008: No inputs specified The system cannot find the file specified. WSvc1Client : error PRJ0002 : error result returned from 'c:\My Samples\WSvc1Client\Debug\BAT000010.bat'.

You do not experience this behavior when you consume .NET My Services from Visual C# .NET or Visual Basic .NET applications.

To work around this problem, use the Web Services Description Language tool (Wsdl.exe) to manually generate the client proxy class and generate an assembly. Then, add a reference to this assembly. Also, add references to the System.dll and System.Web.Services.dll files.
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