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Unexpected Validation Error on xsd:any processContents="skip"
KB: 317353
If you define a complex type with a xsd:any declaration and an attribute of processContents="skip", an XmlValidatingReader(System.Xml namespace) call to validate the XML data against this schema returns the following error:

Severity:Warning Message : Could not find schema information for the element 'this'. An error occurred at (x, y). Severity:Error Message : The 'that' attribute is not declared . An error occurred at (x, y).
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Cannot Derive and Extend Column in XSD with DataSet
KB: 316820
When you try to read an Extensible Markup Language (XML) schema into a DataSet, the following duplicate name exception may be thrown when the XML Schema Definition language (XSD) derives and extends a column definition:

An unhandled exception of type 'System.Data.DuplicateNameException' occurred in
Additional information: A column named 'column1' already belongs to this DataTable.

If you handle this exception within a try/catch block, you receive the following error message:

System.Data.DuplicateNameException: A column named 'column1' already belongs to this DataTable.

The DataSet is treating the column derivation and extension as if it were the definition of an entirely new column, with the same name as an existing column.

To avoid this exception, define a new element type with the attributes that you want, instead of deriving from and extending an existing element type.
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XPathNavigator.MoveToNextNamespace with XPathNamespaceScope.Local
KB: 316808
If an XML node has two namespaces defined as follows: <ns1:myElement xmlns:ns1='http://namespace1' xmlns:ns2='http://namespace2'><ns1:someElement/></ns1:myElement>

When you call the XPathNavigator.MoveToNextNamespace method with the input parameter of XPathNamespaceScope as XPathNamespaceScope.Local to navigate to the next namepace, an incorrect result is returned.

After you call the XPathNavigator.MoveToFirstNamespace(XPathNamespaceScope.Local) method, calling MoveToNextNamespace(XPathNamespaceScope.Local) returns false instead of moving to the next namespace.

This problem occurs only with the XmlDocument class; to work around the problem, use the XPathDocument class.
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The Validation of Keys Does Not Work If You Define More Than One Key
KB: 316797
If you define multiple keys in the XML Schema Definition (XSD) language schema file, you receive the following error message if you use the XmlValidatingReader class of the System.Xml namespace in .NET Framework to validate a XML file against the XSD file:

Exception Severity: Error
There is a duplicate key sequence 'InstanceCreated' for 'event-name-is-unique' key or unique identity constraint.

This problem occurs if the Identity Constraints on elements that are stored in the stack are not reset for later elements.

To work around this problem, move the element with the constraints so that it appears last.

This bug was corrected in Microsoft .NET Framework Class Libraries 1.1.
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Error Message When You Add a Web Reference to the Same Web Service More Than Once
KB: 311922
When you add a Web reference to the same Web service more than one time in a Managed C++ application, you receive a compiler error message similar to the following:

c:\My Samples\MCTestClient\WebService.h(4) : error C3846: 'Service1' : cannot import symbol from 'c:\My Samples\MCTestClient\Service1.dll': as 'Service1' has already been imported from another assembly 'Service11.dll' c:\My Samples\MCTestClient\WebService.h(3) : see declaration of 'Service1'
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