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Directory Listing of Organizations Offering XML/Web Services Solutions and Services

Data & Object Factory
Primary Offerings: Education / Training / Research
About Data & Object Factory: Founded in 2001, Data & Object Factory is an Austin, Texas based company providing high-end, solution-oriented training for professional developers world-wide. The company is located in the "Silicon Hills", a bustling high-technology center in Central Texas.

Data & Object Factory was founded with a simple mission - to offer the best training for professional developers who, upon leaving class, will be able to effectively architect and develop world-class distributed Web solutions.

In Complete XML.Net you will study what XML is and how to take advantage of related technologies, such as, Document Type Definitions (DTDs), XML Schema (XSD) and Namespaces, the Document Object Model (DOM), Simple API for XML (SAX), and other innovative Web technologies. This example-filled course offers a great introduction to XML itself as well as teach you how to leverage the C# language and its extensive framework for building effective and efficient distributed .Net applications.
-- Source: Data & Object Factory Web site
Address: PO Box 29567
Austin, Texas 78755-6567
Contact Details:
Phone: 1-512-257-0997
Fax: 1-512-257-2377

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