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Directory Listing of Organizations Offering XML/Web Services Solutions and Services

Crane Softwrights Ltd.
A federally-incorporated Canadian consultancy and training company
Primary Offerings: Education / Training / Research
Consulting / Professional Services
About Crane Softwrights Ltd.: Crane Softwrights Ltd. is a federally-incorporated Canadian consultancy offering Computer Systems Analysis services since April 1997. We focus primarily in structured text processing related to the Web-based Extensible Markup Language (W3C XML) family of recommendations, the international Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML - ISO 8879:1986) family of standards, and OmniMark. We specialize in the structuring of and processing of information, in particular using the Extensible Stylesheet Language (W3C XSL/XSLT/XPath) set of recommendations and the Document Style Semantics and Specification Language (DSSSL - ISO/IEC 10179:1996) international standard. We are an active member of both the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) industry consortium as well as the IDEAlliance Independent Consultants Cooperative (IDEA-ICC).

The principal softwright is Mr. G. Ken Holman, formerly with a products and services company for over thirteen years in a number of roles, specializing in international standards including the SGML family of technologies and the North American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax (NAPLPS). A brief speaker's biography is available for use at conferences.

Active in the standards community, Mr. Holman is the Chairman of CAC/ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 34 Document Description and Processing Languages, the Canadian Advisory Committee for the international committee responsible for the SGML family of standards. Mr. Holman also served as the first Chairman of the OASIS XML Conformance Technical Committee from 1997 to 1999.

Mr. Holman is a contributor to Doug Engelbart's Open Hyperdocument System project, a revival of his far-reaching vision begun with his NLS/Augment system developments and innovations of the 1960's. Doug is the inventor of the computer mouse, only one of among many personal computing innovations we use in our day-to-day work that were conceived of and first implemented by Doug and his team.
-- Source: Crane Softwrights Ltd. Web site
Address: BOX 266,
Contact Details:
Phone: 1-613-489-0999
Fax: 1-613-489-0995

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W3C Member: No OASIS Member: Yes WS-I Member: No

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